10-year-old Russian boy is killed by a Skoda Octavia

Posted on September 23,2017
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A young resident of Novokuznetsk died under the wheels of a car while trying to cut the road and run across the road in an unreasonable place, the press service of the regional traffic police department said. The camera of the registrar fixed the moment of the deadly accident. The tragic incident occurred around 7pm on Thursday, September 21, in Goncharova Street. On the shots you can see how a 10-year-old boy suddenly appears on the roadway, right in front of Skoda Octavia. The driver did not have enough space to react and stop, - from the impact of the schoolboy he was thrown almost 10 meters ahead, he collapsed on the asphalt near the pedestrian crossing, which he did not reach in a hurry a minute earlier. With numerous injuries the child was urgently taken to the hospital in serious condition, but the efforts of the doctors proved to be in vain - on the evening of Friday he died in intensive care.
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