13-year-old boy kills his friend on Facebook Live.

Posted on May 17,2017
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16-05-17 at Santa Rosa de Calchines in Argentina SANTA FE (Agencies) - A 12-year-old girl died yesterday of an accidental shotgun shot by a friend of the same age in the Santa Fe town of Santa Rosa de Calchines. It was learned that the small ones transmitted the episode by Facebook Live. Warning: images can hurt the reader's susceptibility. translation of what you hear: 0:11 (Georgina): "You kill me and I kill you." 0:15 - 0:28 (Killer): "Look this! A shell...I load it... And I shoot you but you dont die!" 0:36: (Georgina): "Do you see blood or something?" (Kidding) 0:45 - Shotgun sound They start screaming "Georgi" 1:00 (Other girl): "Man what have you done!?" 1:05 (Other boy): "Her parents are going to kill us!" 1:10 (Killer): "I'm leaving..." 1:11 (Other boy): "Stop Lucas come here!"
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