2 men gang rape a woman at a casino in Malaysia

Posted on May 13,2017
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PUCHONG: Police are investigating a video of the rape and robbery of-mouth on social media and allegedly took place in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong. In the incident, two unidentified individuals entered into an entertainment center here with the intention to rob the premises. Not satisfied with just robbed, they also took turns raping a cashier in a hidden corner in the gambling center. CCTV footage of the two men took turns raping the victim was spread on social media, with images of the alleged suspects. As of 11 am, the footage has been shared more than 7,000 times in social media. Four-minute video also witnessed angry netizens and urged the suspects to be severely punished for their crimes. Serdang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Megat Megat Aminuddin Mohamad Elias said he had not received a report on the incident. "Meanwhile, we will examine the validity of the video," he said. Megat said the task force has also been set up to identify the victim, the suspect and the scene. "We hope that the victim and the owners will come forward to assist the investigation," he said. Megat also advised the public to stop all speculation and stop any video. "Anyone with information about the crime should provide information to us at any police station," he said.

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