a bus crushes a woman to death

Posted on May 27,2017
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1, Guangzhou bus reversing grinding moment, a woman died! Luyu big car, the best away from! Guangzhou Huangpu Free Trade Zone (Jiubo City) terminus bus station, a woman was reversing the bus crushed dead! The son of the deceased area, Mr. Cen told the mum, the mother was born in the bus station staff 1, Guangzhou bus reversing grinding moment, a woman died! Luyu big car, the best away from! Guangzhou Huangpu Free Trade Zone (Jiubo City) terminus bus station, a woman was reversing the bus crushed dead! The deceased area, a son of Mr. Cen told bai things, the mother was born in the bus station staff, "usually mainly to see the bus out of the monitoring." Yesterday afternoon 5:30, Mr. Cen received his father came to the station. Then he learned from the mouth of the bus company staff bad news: the afternoon of 3 pm, the mother area in the station was a reversing of the B28 bus knocked down, wounded. Bao things obtained a number of video shows that the accident was reversing the bus, the district is a back to the bus to walk, then was knocked over the run over. Incident video - Police: The driver has been under criminal detention According to Huangpu police briefing, May 24 14:50 Xu, then the masses of the police, said Huangpu District Free Trade Zone, a bus station occurred within a traffic accident. Police quickly arrived, but the accident area (female, 40 years old) is still due to injury caused by the scene to rescue invalid death. After a preliminary investigation, the bus driver Cui Mou (male, 43 years old, Henan Province) driving large ordinary bus in the station during the reversing period, with a collision in the district, causing its death. After the relevant test, the driver of the blood of the driver Cui's blood content of 0mg / 100mg. At present, Choi was suspected of traffic accident crime has been the police according to criminal detention. The case is still under investigation. Incident time Bus company: will actively deal with the accident follow-up compensation work Today, the vehicle belongs to the Guangzhou Jumbo Bus Co., Ltd. also to the baa incident to the situation: at 14:55 on May 24, the company under the bus B28 road driver Choi, driving the bus in the Bonded Area Jiabo City Station ready Out of operation, reversing in the field, the rear touched the guard area of ​​a guard, resulting in the death of the spot. Treasury said the accident, the company promised to actively deal with the accident follow-up compensation work, while the safety management arrangements for the deployment, to prevent similar incidents happen again. To the afternoon of May 24 only, the accident has been handed over to the public security organs to deal with the current accident analysis is still in progress. The current accident analysis is still ongoing. But in any case, passing the cart next to be careful to be wonderful. The following is the media summary of the bus driver three blind spots, it is best to avoid! Blind Zone 1: right view behind the mirror In the right corner of the bus is a very typical blind spot area. The front window of the bus from the ground more than one meter away from the ground, and the view of the mirror can only observe the location of the body, so that if a height below the window of the people appear in the car front angle, the driver is difficult to pass Front window glass to see this person. If this person just stands in the area of ​​the glass with the front door, the driver is completely invisible! Blind Zone 2: the middle of the front and rear doors In addition to the front axle, the front door and rear door in the middle position is also a blind spot area. This area can be observed in front of the mirror, but if the car into the station, the region if there are several tall passengers, then the people behind the completely can not be observed! Passengers in catching the bus, the front door and the rear door between the driver is a visual blind spot. Blind Zone 3: rear, rear wheel near The bus's third blind spot in the car's rear wheel and the right rear corner of the vicinity, a lot of passengers waiting for the car, like standing on the platform waiting for the car, so the bus has been unable to stop after the station, can only slowly The way forward by the station, many people began to chase cars. The consequences of this is that the front door and the back door between the drivers have been difficult to observe, after the wheel near the basic can not see, and the vehicle at the station, the driver is observing the left side of the road, simply not notice the right rear The case of passengers chasing the car is likely to be dangerous. Sitting in the driver's seat to take the scene after the mirror, the rear of the driver need to rely on the back of the chair can barely see.

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