accident in Thailand @1:30

Posted on February 24,2018
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At 18:00 on 18 Feb. 61, a truck accident happened on a motorcycle. There are two serious injuries, one of which is one child. The parties do not accept responsibility or indemnify the incident. And tell the injured person. I have to go to court. The story that a Facebook user has posted that. "Consciousness of man I have to go to court. This is the word of the parties that drive the car. That's a good thing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sunday, 18/2/61 at about 6 pm. " The clip is a picture from the CCTV camera of the gas station near the scene. In the clip we can see that there are motorcycles attached to the injured people parked in the middle of the street. To turn the car It was not long before the car pickup truck at high speed, crashed into it. The body of the father was splashed out of the car. I was seriously injured. And his son may even lose his eyes. But the driver of the pickup truck did not come out responsible.


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