Child is crushed when crossing the road

Posted on May 19,2017
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12th May 2017 in the Afternoon, in Jiangxi Ji'an Administrative center north entrance to a traffic accident, a children were hit after the wheel roller pressure, surveillance photographed the incident process.English Chinese Simplified Through the scene monitoring screen, you can see that an adult led a child, kicking the ball in front, three children walked side by hand behind, at this time a white SUV turned around, three children saw the car come over, two children to the left, standing on the left side of the child do not know why to the right run, just by the white SUV hit, and then by off-road vehicle right two tire rolling. At this time, the front of the adults ran back, the driver also hurriedly car to see, adults and the driver hurriedly will be hit the child holding the car, and immediately drove to the hospital. From Ji'an City Traffic Police Brigade learned that the child was rescued invalid died, as for details, traffic police said inconvenience revealed. (Editor: Zeng Xiaozhen)
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