For half an hour half-naked woman ran in the streets of Russia

Posted on November 10,2017
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For half an hour half-naked woman plied to the center of Engels, according to eyewitnesses, insistently looking for meetings with guardians of order. Nevertheless, none of those who met her on the way to the police and did not apply, but many managed to make a video. The fan of air baths on the Polygraphic street started, right on the dividing strip. Of her clothes were only panties, and stunned with such a dress to motorists, hastily pulled out smartphones, the woman with a smile shouted "Likey million." Later, local residents saw it at the monument to the ox-salt, in shuttle bus number 81, where she drove one stop, on Mayakovsky Street and Liberty Square. At the entrance to the bank, the runner broke up with the last attribute of her wardrobe and crossed the threshold of the financial institution completely naked. Guards, realizing that the client is not corny anywhere to get money or a card, took her to the office, and later handed over to the police. Eventually, the woman found herself in a psychiatric hospital, where, according to some reports, she had already been observed before.
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