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Please read here before posting in this section. Started by Badger, 949 days ago
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Views: 919
Corrective rape and forced incest to 'cure' gays in India. Started by Arroo the Wolf, 1211 days ago
Reply: 7
Views: 1,035
WORST JOB IN THE WORLD? Started by tosh166, 15 days ago
Reply: 2
Views: 427
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Hormel recalls more than 200,000 pounds of Spam Started by tosh166, 119 days ago
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Multiple deaths in shooting at Texas' Santa Fe High School Started by Fucknut3000, 129 days ago
Reply: 14
Views: 413
The Bible Says The World Is Going To End On 24th June 2018 Started by Roger_From_England, 168 days ago
Reply: 10
Views: 487
Reply: 17
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England's biggest hero right now Started by Roger_From_England, 166 days ago
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