Man celebrates Christmas EVERY DAY for 23 years:

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87 days ago

Man celebrates Christmas EVERY DAY for 23 years:

Andy Park mr christmas

The 53-year-old said the 365 times a year celebrations had left him overweight and skint, with his obsession costing him £2million.

"I'm still single but perhaps there's a Mrs Christmas out there somewhere."

86 days ago


That's not Santa.

82 days ago


Elton John really looks like shit these days.

70 days ago


obviously a white person

63 days ago


Redneck BS!

61 days ago


Does he give'd presents everyday OP ?


And why is this not more with info ffs...

60 days ago


you did have a stroke or something didn't you Krissy sound more fucking retarded than usual ffs ^^^^^Image result for retarded troll

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