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Please read here before posting in this section. Started by Badger, 4 days ago
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Speak English Started by Gunslinger, 85 days ago
Reply: 14
Views: 1,511
Why is commenting disabled on some videos? Started by virdux, 18 days ago
Reply: 9
Views: 88
Error on Older Videos Started by virdux, 99 days ago
Reply: 4
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Video Request Started by Active Shooter, 115 days ago
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Post links to videos that have deeply disturbed you... Started by Hades500rT5000, 128 days ago
Reply: 19
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Young Girl Beaten and Burned Alive Started by SC0TT, 883 days ago
Reply: 16
Views: 3,175
we need gjman back Started by tosh166, 146 days ago
Reply: 17
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Videos of men humiliated, stripped naked? Started by dontbfrad, 1888 days ago
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Photo/Video Editor Started by WEEG__HOMO, 1050 days ago
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Need better quality upload of 3Guys1Hammer Started by MisterAnon4, 357 days ago
Reply: 7
Views: 525
Reply: 5
Views: 318
Baby raping fuck. Started by Badger, 1163 days ago
Reply: 21
Views: 4,768
What is your favorite type of video? Started by Pinkamena, 220 days ago
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May I please Started by S0MTANGW0NGX, 192 days ago
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Some of the ads here don't look legal... Started by Pinkamena, 215 days ago
Reply: 11
Views: 412
Video of russian teens burning in the car alive Started by TwistedTempesT, 377 days ago
Reply: 2
Views: 937
2 guys one icepick Started by cholata, 739 days ago
Reply: 17
Views: 1,600
Mosul, Iraq Started by Bruhtal, 514 days ago
Reply: 5
Views: 2,405
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