New Comment Policy on the Site

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109 days ago

New Comment Policy on the Site

hi guys basically nothing groundbreaking here but I've decided to disable comments on all videos depicting children or anyone who is a teenager or younger.  

The reason, while being common sense,  I still want to explain a bit.  The comments here shed light on all the users.  So if there is a few bad apples then a new visitor, or someone who is trying to show how horrible the site and its users are, can just find these bad comments and use it as an example.

So obviously with videos including children there is no excuse in us allowing it.   I know most of you will agree with me here but a few might not and im sorry for that.


Other than that we pretty much do not censor anything else on the site.  So it will remain that way 


Thanks guys and thank you all for visiting 

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108 days ago


Understandable 👍

104 days ago


Unstandable 🍕

79 days ago


I just wanted to ask a question. And this thread seemed like the latest and most expediant way to do so...

You can't search old videos now? I popped back in to find some old sick video I like to watch and their's no search!

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79 days ago


And farthest up the line... to Dan, Your Highness. :p

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