in Spain a doctor masturbates in-front on his patient

Posted on October 12,2017
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A doctor, whose identity has been protected by the authorities, is being investigated after one of his patients revealed a strong video in which the man was apparently masturbating while attending. The incident occurred in Salmantina, Guijuelo municipality, Salamanca Spain, after the victim published the video making a complaint against the doctor in social networks, according to ABC and La Vanguardia. According to the report, the man was suspended from his position while the respective investigation was carried out, whose seriousness was approached by the same Civil Guard of Salmantina in conjunction with the local Public Prosecutor's Office. The woman told ABC that she decided to release her case because the man who attended her is "a despicable being," adding in their social networks that "Seres like that do not deserve to wear a uniform." The young patient arrived at the man's office at 7 a.m. to be attended to with a severe back pain, once there the doctor asked him to remove his shirt to be able to check it, and as he did he began to rub his genitals against the woman. After this, the man sits in front of her and begins to masturbate under the table, immediately the woman picks up her phone and tries to record everything that happens as proof. The woman said that during what happened, another nurse was accompanying them, but when the man began to act, the professional decided to leave the room to "look for injections."
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