jealous rage boyfriend invaded the office his girlfriend and shot her dead [THE VIDEO ONLY SHOWS THE SHOOTING]

Posted on May 18,2017
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Why have the police been notified of chanthaburi city girl was hit died. Internal assurance leasing PLC chantaburi No. 84/25 road to ricochet. Talad Amphur Muang, chantaburi scene Paphatra or Ms. funeral gifts were found. Friendly loyal Age: 26 years old. T. chaman Tue and Tue as employees of chanthaburi, makham, account of the Muang Thai leasing the arena. The sleeping conditions, sinking fund the blood in front of desks. A wound, were shot with a 9 mm firearms into the mastoid area on the left side, 1 neck 1, above the right breast 1 rail strikes, frame 1, left arm and right thigh, left another 1 1 km2 total 6 appearances also in the scene also found 9 mm size ammo sleeve fall 10 casing from a colleague who saw the event investigation, the incident that, while there are no customers are in the Office, all employees are prepared to store documents to close the Office, leave work. A Mr. Badintha or boat phuangphi, age 28 year, khlung of chanthaburi, Nakhon, t. days long, which is fan plaeng young people's walking dead black glasses came into the Office, but no one was interested, because they see that as a fan with the deceased. Then the unexpected event happens suddenly When suddenly Mr. Badintha
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