Last Image 3 Teen Girls Killed by the Oncoming Train Behind Them...(Click to Enlarge)

Posted on December 22,2016
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The three girls were hit by at least one train, and Kelsea and Essa, both 15, died at the scene. Police say it's possible the noise from one train was so loud that the girls didn't realize another one was approaching from behind them. Got caught in between two or something. Weird. Don't mess around near trains, they can't stop. The excitement in the trio's eyes matched their big smiles as the train fanned their blonde hair in the wind while they posed for the selfie—completely unaware of the approaching train coming from the other direction. The train's headlights were visible on the top right side of the photo. "They were in their own little world," recalled John Anderson, train conductor inside the eastbound Union Pacific train locomotive. Engineer Michael Anderson, no relation to John, blasted the train horn to get the girls' attention. No response. Not even a flinch. Trains traveling at 55 mph can take more than a mile to come to a complete stop after the emergency brakes are applied. A rush of panic, confusion and fear filled the locomotive as the train raced toward the girls at approximately 39 miles mph.


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