little girl riding a motorcycle, 22 seconds video attracted public anger

Posted on August 12,2017
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Recently, a 22 seconds of mobile video in the WeChat friends around the circle spread, causing public outrage. In the picture, a little girl driving a motorcycle, in Wanzhou District, Chongqing Nanbin Road to the direction of the five-way Plaza Station Expressway, feet ride in the front bumper, and sometimes from the back seat of the adults exchange , The rear seat of the woman said: "To get! We sat down, you are good open Oh", "good foreign yo, xxxx open motorcycle." Video in the circle of friends forward, shocking, we have said: This behavior is extremely dangerous! What does the child's parents think? The reporter also reminded the "People's Republic of China Road Traffic Management Ordinance," expressly provides that children under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride bicycles on the road, and under the "Road Traffic Safety Law" provides that citizens over the age of 16 can drive Electric vehicles and other means of transport, riding a motorcycle will need to over 18 years of age Caixing. Compliance with traffic rules is the duty and responsibility of every citizen! Hope that we can take warning, do not take children and their lives joke!
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