man drives right close up to a massive explosion in Russia

Posted on September 23,2017
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A pile of smoking debris remained from the Gazelle, which exploded on the highway in the Krasnodar Territory. Passing by the motorist took a powerful video on the video, providing it with a worthy any emotional emotional reportage. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" publishes this record, forcibly sacrificing a sound series (which, of course, explained everything, as you understand). The incident occurred on the afternoon of September 22 on the road in the Belorechensk area. The van, according to eyewitnesses, caught fire on the way, but the driver managed to park it on the sidelines, get out of the cab and run away to the side. A few minutes later a powerful explosion thundered, as a result of which the wreckage of the car flew several dozen meters. About the causes of the accident nothing is reported, it is known only that the driver was unharmed, and the cars that were nearby were treated without damage.
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