man hangs him self live on facebook

Posted on March 17,2017
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Friday (17/03/2017), the man who called Indra was the act alone by utilizing the features of Live Video on Facebook. It performs the action at 10:00 am, wearing a white T-shirt. In the first video of 1 minute 5 seconds, he revealed pouring her heart. Then in the second video that lasted 1 hour 44 minutes, he recorded the acts of suicide using the rope already hanging in the house. Before doing that action, he was waving. This incident was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations Section of South Jakarta indonesia Police Commissioner Purwata, saying that the incident happened in Jagakarsa. "Yeah right. It's the citizens of Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. But we'll check his ID card first," said Purwanta. He said police are still investigating the motive Indra suicide. He said there are two possible causes her to commit suicide. First, because of the hurt left by his wife and children and secondly, he wants to make a sensation because it live on Facebook.
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