man is beaten over a cricket match in Shafi Nagar

Posted on January 9,2018
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This video belongs to the forests of Shafiinagar village of Bulandshahr's diet. In which some dabanging dalits are equipping animals with the youth. The painter wants to know the reason for beating. In fact, the name of the Shakes that they are beating is being called the King, who is a resident of the village at the rate of food station area. A year ago, there was a cricket match between Darwar and two teams of Shafiinagar village. There was a dispute between the two teams during the match which was resolved by the social people. But when the king came to Shafiinagar from his village, then he also made a video of beatings and beatings of the King who is now becoming viral knowing on the social media. Beating between the two villages after the viral video of this beating The situation has remained.


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