man shoots his father dead over a dog.

Posted on March 19,2017
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The incident was a one-story house. Parking area, found the deceased is Mr achievement at the age of 77 years, homeowners have inflicted gunshot to the chest first strikes were also those seriously injured another one income is the middle daughter of the deceased named Miss.. Seen. Nuch's University for 51 years, was fired in a left hip first meeting relatives helped lead the hospital Luang go before the investigation's niece, who died aged 20 years, testified that the gunman at the scene, Mr. Sophon moist. Sayan, a 53-year-old son of the deceased. Before the accident, Mr. Sophon The father had an argument about who accused Mr Sophon. Her father was driving the injured dog. Standing dispute between Mr. Sophon was then suddenly whip out a gun and fired Mr. Interview ฤi authorization until overturned death. Of Miss.. Piyanuch. Be prohibitive, but was shot by another person. Then Mr. Sophon Take my wife, who is the eldest daughter of the deceased ran back to the car driver fled

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