Massachusetts 3 dead, multiple injured after car crashes into Billerica auto auction

Posted on May 5,2017
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3/5/17 Three people are dead and another nine people are injured after a car crashed through a busy Billerica auto auction Wednesday morning Witnesses told Boston 25 News that a driver was taking a Jeep Cherokee out for viewing when he had what appeared to be a medical emergency and shot through the building, hitting several people. The driver came to a stop when the Jeep crashed through a cement wall. "He went through the door, went through the lane of people, and then through the building...He was going fast, he was going really fast," said the witness. State Police said there is no evidence of an attack or that this was intentional in any way. "We are heartbroken that this accident occurred at our premises with a vehicle driven by one of our drivers. Understandably, the driver is very distraught; he will not be driving cars at the auction until the investigation has concluded," a statement from the president of the auction said in part. A witness said he thought the driver was going about 25 to 35 mph. Ryan confirmed the driver was in his 70s and was not hospitalized.
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