Alleged Boko Haram beheads Woman suspected of being SSS agent

Posted on January 18,2014
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A lady has been beheaded by people suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect..The brutal murder which was recorded on video and viewed by CKN Nigeria must have taken part in one of the troubled Northern States.The lady whose hands were tied to he back,was asked to confess that she was a member of the State Security Service (SSS),an allegation she denied.A female member of the sect was overheard asking "Tell us you are SSS (sic)..I know you very well,if you confess,we will release you"..Later ,the camera focused on her,where she was slaughtered with a sharp knife like a ram while the captors were shouting Allah Akbar,Allah Akbar (God is great)..The severed head (seen here) was now held for the camera..Security authorities have not spoken on the incident


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