Anal Golf...

Posted on November 4,2015
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Anal Golf... Hey there, what I put out on this website is WTF, bizarre porn, mixed with D/s, and BDSM... Also, I've thrown in a good mixture of gore, for this websites core and primary audience... That's what brought me here fuckers... All of my video's are embedded in the "so-called PORN sub-section"... (Labled as "Babes," when you click on to it... LOL...) View my other entries and enjoy... UPDATE: A very astute viewer of my video's just pointed out that: "In the Ync search bar, if you type in "ync" it comes up with almost all your vids!"... Well, I guess that's pretty fucking cool, until this websites admins correct it...In case you haven't realized this... I don't give two shits about the points and badge syndrome that permeates theync... I will not drink the Kool Aid...  


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