mother holding her son from jumping from the 4th floor she let go before life-saving air cushion was inflated

Posted on July 23,2017
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uly 19 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, in the Yushu City Huahong century Mingcheng district took place in a thrilling scene, a woman holding a three-year-old boy, standing on the fourth floor of the windowsill outside. Outside the windowsill is very narrow, barely accommodate two feet standing, the woman holding the boy standing above, very dangerous. Outside the building, the firefighters had just laid a lifesaving cushion on the ground. Constantly shouting let the woman put the child down. Soon after, the woman holding the boy, suddenly jumped from the fourth floor, fell to the rescue air cushion. At this time, life-saving air cushion has not had time to inflatable. In the incident, the neighbors said that women live in 3 units on the 4th floor, suspected to suffer from depression, usually less with neighbors. The boy is the son of a woman. When the incident, only the mother and son at home. Before the incident, the woman made a phone call with her husband. After the call, the woman was emotionally excited.
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