Posted on January 4,2017
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Cartagena, Colombia.  

The event was recorded Tuesday morning at the San Sebastian building in Marbella, in the north of the city.

A minor of 14 years passed away in the last hours of this Tuesday after falling of the 11 floor of a building of Marbella at 10:30 in the morning. On this fact the police handle two hypotheses. The first, that the young woman would have been forced to jump into the void, and the second that she would have made the decision to kill herself.

The fact was registered in the building San Sebastián of Marbella in the North zone of Cartagena. At the site of the events were moved units of the CTI of the Prosecutor's Office in order to advance the investigations as well as the removal and transfer of the body to the morgue in Legal Medicine in the district Zaragocilla.

The body fell on the inside of the building. At the site of the events came hundreds of curious who bet on the entrance of the building to realize what had happened.

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