youth crashed on his Mazda in Thailand

Posted on December 6,2017
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14.39 am Cultural Center Entrance Chinese Restaurant Mazda 3 white passenger car registration ฌ 1806 Bangkok with a Honda motorcycle Click on the pink yellow label registered 1, 1268 Bangkok. There were four injured in a case can help out in time. Come One of the injured was a woman with a broken leg. The rescuer assisted in the scene. Resurrection 16 Help the woman seriously injured. At the scene moved to Rajavithi Hospital later. The other 3 injured were all 2 males, 2 females, 1 males, Volunteers from the hospital were sent to a nearby hospital for the driver's license, which was slightly injured after getting out of the driver's seat. Two women were seated on the cushion. One of the volunteers was sent to the nearby hospital. Another case was sent to the Rajavithi Hospital.
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