FUTURE VISION OF FLYING CAR (Terrafugia TF-X ) Prototypes developed of flying cars 2015

Posted on August 1,2015
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Not-yet-in-production Transition, it's a bold vision of a transportation future... Terrafugia admits bringing the flying car to production is a process 'expected to last 8-12 years. We don't know how fast the TF-X will go on road, but once airborne it'll soar at speeds of 200mph for a distance of up to 500 miles. In the event of failure, the TF-X can deploy its full-vehicle parachute, allowing, hopefully, the flying car to float safely down to terra firma. It's as yet unclear exactly how much the TF-X might cost, but Terrafugia has hinted that the final price 'could be on-par with the very high-end luxury cars of today! Terrafugia reckons the TF-X 'should be statistically safer than driving a modern automobile', and says learning to fly it will take just five hours of training.That's thanks, at least in part, to a high degree of autonomy: once airborne, the TF-X will effectively fly itself - though the driver can override the controls - and land automatically, without human input !


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