12-year-old girl jumped out of the roof of her house after her father beat her up in Nimranana

Posted on April 16,2018
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A nervous 12-year-old girl jumped out of the roof of her house, frustrated with father's cruelty in Nimranana, Rajasthan. In fact, the girl was talking to someone on the roof, when a drunken father saw her doing this, she immediately started beating the girl. Video of this incident has also surfaced. It can be seen that the father is beating the ruthlessness of his daughter and gets fed up with the daughter leaping from the ceiling. At the same time, the girl was rushed to the hospital where doctors told that both of her legs were broken and her treatment was being done in the ICU. It is being told that when the girl was being brutally beaten, neighbors were watching this whole incident and a man made a video of it. The shocking thing is that if the police got the information about the matter, it reached the spot three hours later, while the police station's way from the girl's house is only about one hour intervals. At present the accused father has been arrested by the police


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