[2 angles] the murder of a policeman by a terroist in Tatarstan,Russia

Posted on March 22,2019
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Killer of a policeman in Tatarstan shouting extremist slogans March 22, 2019 The details of the brutal attack on police officers in Tatarstan have become known. A man attacked a patrolman with a blade. His colleague immediately opened fire to eliminate the aggressor. But the doctors could not save the wounded guard of order, he died from heavy blood loss. Everything happened, probably, in the most protected place in the city: on the left - the building of the Department of Internal Affairs, on the right - the lyceum. A man in military uniform tried to defend himself, but received blow after blow. Someone from motorists even decided to stop the attacker with a car. Hearing the sounds, the police ran out. Fire was opened to kill. The bullets hit the stomach and chest. This is enough to eliminate the aggressor. Wounded employee surrounded by witnesses. “He was already wounded. He didn’t even have the strength ... just waving his hand,” said an eyewitness Lesya Ismagilova. Nobody tried to help - they waited for the doctors. The medical team arrived a couple of minutes later. The wounded policeman was loaded into the car. An employee died on the way to the clinic. Could not save. Abundant blood loss. The victim of the killer - the local Dinar Samatov. Stabbed on the shift, was going to leave. According to friends, the man himself wanted to go to the police, he liked the service. “At one time it was a surprise for everyone. The guy was a bright head. Plus, at one time he was finishing state municipal administration — the first higher education. Everyone saw him as a public servant,” said friend Dinara Samatova Anton. The operatives were in shock. Such a daring attack in broad daylight against police officers right on the threshold of the Department of Internal Affairs in Nizhnekamsk is not remembered. The reasons for the massacre are what you need to know now. Eyewitnesses say: the killer shouted extremist slogans. His identity is established. They are also checked for involvement in prohibited organizations.

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