3-month-old pregnant woman was hit by a car in Turkey

Posted on January 8,2018
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Fahrettin B. in the town of Iznik in Bursa, the automobile quickly going back to the 3-month-old pregnant 30-year-old Sevinç Beast was hit. The moment of the accident was recorded by the security camera of a workplace in seconds seconds ago. A child mothers who went to the bazaar for shopping made a trip to the Seventh Monster which was learned to be pregnant for 3 months. Fahrettin B., who was on his way back quickly while walking on the road, had 16 HY 221 plate cars. Sevinç Monav, who rolled round the impact of the impact, was taken to the District State Hospital by the 112 Emergency Service team and received treatment. While it was learned that Sevinç Canavar was not in danger of life, the driver Fahrettin B. was taken to the police headquarters to take the statement and an investigation into the accident was initiated.


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