78-year-old man gets hit by a car in Poland

Posted on March 21,2019
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21/03/2019 09:21 In Goleniów (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), an accident involving a cyclist occurred on one of the pedestrian crossings. The driver of the two-wheeler drove into the belts directly to the oncoming car. At the beginning of this week in Goleniów there was an accident at one of the pedestrian crossings. On the recorded material, we can see how the cyclist rides the pavement and suddenly tries to cross the belts. The old man drove right in front of the oncoming car. The recording from the event was published by the mayor of the city, Robert Krupowicz. VOTE Who is guilty of the accident in Goleniów? Car driver Cyclist "A pavement is not a road for bicycles. And by crossing the pedestrian bike, WE RUN, and we do not cross it, do not even look at it, or the free road "- wrote the mayor in the post. At the same time, the policemen who arrived at the scene had no doubts that the 78-year-old was the perpetrator of the collision. The senior driver of the two-wheeler was punished with a 250-zloty mandate
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