A 12-year-old girl tries to commit suicide by jumping of the 15 floor because her winter homework was not finished.

Posted on March 2,2018
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A 12-year-old girl from Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China, jumped to death on the 15th floor one day before the start of school. Fortunately, she finally crashed into her lifesaving cushion to keep her life. Her aunt revealed that the girl may have failed because her winter homework was not finished. Big to make this move. According to "Beijing time" reported that the sixth grade primary school girls, near the beginning of school sentiment, on February 24, the day before school to sit on the 15th floor staircase walkway window to find short, firefighters arrived, 3 fire The crew was ready to drop from the roof to save people, but when the ropes were not ready, the girl crashed off the 15th floor and fell comfortably down the air mattress with only minor ear injuries. The girl said that because of the pressure of studying, the aunt said that it might be because the job was not finished and was worried that it would not be reported before such a move would be taken. (Instant Press Center / Synthesis Report)


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