A Kid Was Killed for Stealing Two Packs of Cigarettes in East Lampung

Posted on March 20,2019
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LOCATION: lung east A 13-year-old teenager, Aji Pakji Village, Sukadana Sub-district, East Lampung, died in jail for allegedly stealing two packs of cigarettes. Victims managed to save themselves by running to the cornfields, but the masses kept up and managed to catch them. At that time, mass judgment until the teenager was killed. Iskandar, the victim's victim's partner, informed that the incident occurred on Saturday afternoon, March 16, 2019, when the victim was alleged to have stolen two packets of cigarettes in a stall in Rempelas hamlet, Sumur Bandung, Way Jepara Subdistrict. "He ran to the cornfield, but the mass blocked and he was caught," he said, Sunday, March 17, 2019. Suddenly, the victim's relatives say, while injuring a wound in the victim's body, like a right upper arm, both eyes are bruised, the right jaw is broken, and the back head is broken. Dian Ansori of P2TP2A East Lampung said that it will control the legal process so that any perpetrators involved in the persecution have caused the death to be thoroughly investigated through law enforced. the incident started when RA with his two friends, IF and AL, caught in a warung belonging to villagers of the village of bandung sinar bandung, in the way of jepara lampung timur the stalled boy immediately shouted loudly, so the people around him were shaking when a teenager who has been a citizen since then has been self-employed, he was arrested while hiding in the garden of corn must be mistaken for me and ask for the forgiveness of the patient for 22 years, until the upper jaw broken and the ribs are broken, the head is broken and the mouth is chipped with pepper whereas at the head office of the village head of polmas / poldes sinar bandung, but the typing was straight until RA was alive the tail of the event was a prelude to the mass group to fly to the village of sinar bandung.

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