A 30-year-old man committed suicide in front of Ranipur Jhal in Jawalpu @0:52 mark

Posted on July 9,2018
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It was in front of many people, seeing death in front of me, the camera was walking in the waves of Ganga and it seemed that the death of the death was a young man who tried to save the courage but he also lured the young man The case is not stopped from going to the Jwalpur area of ​​Haridwar, which has revealed that live video of death. A 30-year-old man committed suicide in front of Ranipur Jhal in Jawalpur, committed suicide in front of a dozen people. This video of suicide by the young man is getting viral on social media. This video shows that some people have stood above the bridge and a young man is standing on the Munder built under the bridge and a young man wearing a red t-shirt is standing beside him, to stand on the bridge's crown Looking at the video, it seems that the young man with a red t-shirt is trying to save another young man, but despite the fact that he is stopped, the young man jumps into the Ganga It is said that the youth was in a state of intoxication and Jwalpur Kotwal Amarjit Singh, who was also listening to anyone, told about this viral video that the video of the suicide of the youth is being viral in which the youth is jumping in the Ganges and the other youth is Ganges Trying to save from jumping in. Investigations are being conducted in this case and the search campaign is also being run. In the viral video, the bridge that the youth has jumped into the Ganges is the Gang Canal Underground, which remains a rajwaha above the Ganga Canal. Gang river can go underground in such a way from Roorkee forward. The young man in the Gang Canal is almost impossible to survive anybody from the caste. No diver can save even from the canal. While the youth was jumping into the Gang Canal, someone was making a live video of his death. The young man who embraced death by imprisonment in the Gang Canal has not been identified yet.


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