A 6 year old boy killed by a driver reading text messages

Posted on April 24,2017
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April 13 at 18:00 pm, Linyi City, Fei County, Lu Village, a 6-year-old boy alone across the road, unfortunately, was a gallop from the car hit the fly, died on the spot The Monitoring can be seen in the incident on the right side of the two men around an electric tricycle chat, and soon from the road opposite to a middle-aged women, middle-aged women just went to the front of the electric car, a The boy then ran over, at this time, a car flew approaching, is hit the boy who, because the speed is too fast, the moment the boy was hit by the car more than ten meters away. And two men and middle-aged women seem to have not found an accident, opposite the road in the direction of the child pointing to the child shouting, this few people know that the accident, middle-aged women rushed toward the child where the floor ran.After the accident, the car did not stop the car, but continue to leave the scene. Afterwards, the driver Du Mou surrendered. Dumou said before the incident to travel to the incident section, the phone came a short message, he looked down at the short message, looked up and suddenly found a boy in front of the crossing, because the distance is too close, the brakes have been too late, Then hit the up. Dumou ignorant after the accident, and no parking, ran out four or five kilometers before the parking report surrendered. Dumou has been the current public security organs of criminal detention, the case in the further processing.

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