a dog bit 10 people on the leg in Nanguanxiang

Posted on May 13,2018
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The mad dogs rushed to the vicinity of Nanguanxiang in the urban area of Haining and attacked the passing people. More than 10 passers-by were bitten and caused a panic among the citizens. After receiving the alarm, the police carried out a large raid. An auxiliary police officer was also injured.... At 8:12 AM on May 11th, the police station of the Haining Public Security Bureau received an alarm from the local police. Some people were bitten by a mad dog and Wang Zheng, a police officer on duty, led two assistant police officers to the scene immediately. At Wenjingyuan, No. 134, Renmin Road, A middle-aged woman was bitten by a dog. The police arrived at the scene and asked the 120 emergency personnel to send the injured to the Chinese medicine hospital. The police quickly notified the city’s general administrative enforcement bureau.