A Haivan husband murdered his wife n the area of ​​Kotwali Sitapur, Mohalla Shyam Nath

Posted on April 2,2018
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According to the information sources, the incident happened in the area of ​​Kotwali Sitapur, Mohalla Shyam Nath, during the time of incident, between 12 and 1, we will tell you about the incident. We will tell you that this whole incident did not allow the husband to sell the land to sell the land. So husband killed his wife and escaped from the scene of the incident.  The neighbors informed the police about the incident. The police force reached the spot and informed the incident and took the body into the possession of the legal action and tried to catch the person. Until the time of writing the news, on the police sources ahead of the arrest of the accused policeman


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