Duan Yin killed two women because of emotional dispute in Jiangsu Suqian

Posted on March 18,2019
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March 18 (Reporter Liu Lin) On the evening of the 17th, a murder case occurred in a commercial street in Suqian City. A man killed two women with a knife. On the morning of the 18th, the local police issued a notice saying that the suspect had been controlled by the public security organs on the spot and the cause was emotional disputes. On the evening of March 17, a murder case occurred in a commercial street in downtown Suqian. A woman was killed by a knife and a female friend of his girlfriend and girlfriend. The reporter learned that after the incident, the man did not plan to flee the scene, but instead held a blood-stained knife in one hand, and called the friend calmly at the scene, telling the story, until the police arrived, take away. As the scene of the incident was a prosperous section of Suqian City, many enthusiastic people dialed 110 and 120 emergency calls. Subsequently, 120 emergency personnel and the police rushed to the scene, taking the man and two murdered women off the scene. At present, the case is pending further investigation by the police. (Mainland Center / Comprehensive Foreign Reports)
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