CCTV MURDER: a man named "Rodriguinho." aged 29 is shot dead in Teixeira de Freitas

Posted on February 2,2018
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Teixeira de Freitas: Our reporting team had exclusive access to the video of the security cameras near the scene of the crime, which had the victim, the merchant Rodrigo Martins de Andrade, 29, aka "Rodriguinho." The crime again exposes all the boldness of the criminals and the vulnerability of a city that is afraid of so much violence. Exactly at 3:34 pm the victim gets off a vehicle, crosses the street and starts talking to a person in front of the store. The criminals quickly arrive close to the victim, on board a motorcycle, with an unregistered sign, the hitchhiker starts firing in the direction of Rodrigo, who tries to run but falls, and the marksman ends, with shots aimed at the victim's head. The action lasted exactly 30 seconds, from the moment the victim got out of the car, to the last shot fired by the criminals. Then the ride got on the bike and the two criminals fled without a clue. Rodrigo died instantly, and a client, who was inside the store, was hit in the buttocks, and was rescued from the HMTF. The victim already had a ticket in the police, when he was arrested in January 2016 with 04 crude "crack" stones; several smaller portions of "marijuana" and a portion of the same substance. After his presentation at the police station, Rodrigo was indicted for drug trafficking. Police hope the release of the video could help in the investigations.


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