a Man sets himself on fire and then hugs girl due to a harassment case

Posted on February 10,2018
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Chhindwara: A sensational case has emerged in Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh. According to the information, the accused of a case first set himself on fire. After this she got involved in the case with the girl giving the testimony. According to the information, the accused Navneet is accused in the Jungheda harassment case. She is accused of sharing the offensive photo of a girl. On Thursday, the man reached the city hotel and set himself on fire. After that, he got to the burning body of the girl, who had testified against him. In fact, the girl was waiting for her friends there so that she could start her Birthday Celebration. This is the first thing that happened before. Listening to the shriek of the girl, running the staff of the hotel and putting blankets and water on both sides, tried to extinguish the fire. At present, both Navneet and the girl have been admitted to the city hospital in a very burning condition. The police has registered the case and filed a complaint.


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