a man tried to kill and kill a woman in Maharashtra on the train no one helps

Posted on April 11,2018
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incident happened in Maharashtra. 6-04-18When everyone was watching in the local train, a man tried to kill and kill a woman. He was unable to do anything because the guard was on the other side of the compartment. Following the incident, the accused has been arrested in the next station. The incident took place in the social media. The incident took place at Thane Chhatrapati Shivaji terminal train on Thursday night. In that video, the woman has been trying to stop the sexually assaulted man. At one point she went to the door. The co-passenger of the train was informed by the police that the man was arrested at the next station. The accused was identified as a ruffle shake. He was charged with attempted murder and sexual assault. While he was supposed to pay a large amount of money to the woman, the police said that the two men were involved in the matter. The accused had been present before the Railway Court on Friday. Police said that she was also sexually abused and tried to kill her. A eyewitness said that the victim was seriously beaten by the accused and could not even kill him if he tried to stop him. However, he said he had asked the guard to give him an emergency alert, but he did not care.


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