A man was killed in a collision with a two-wheeler @0:24 mark in Khammam

Posted on January 8,2018
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A man was killed in a collision with a two-wheeler. The incident occurred on Monday at Khammam rural area at Mudhalapalli. The details of the police are as follows. Dharavat Bala (25) is a car driver in Khammam in Vamakudu Thambu in Thirumalayalampam Mandalam at Pampampally Panchayat. On the two-wheel drive on Monday and back to Khammam, the lorry driver drove the two-wheeler to the lorry, not looking back at the back. Two-wheeler bunker Larry was lying on the back and died on the spot. The marriage took place a year before. Police have been shifted to Khammam Government Hospital for post mortem. According to the complaint filed by the father of the deceased on the incident, the case was registered, said Chiranjeevi


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