A terrible accident opposite the 3F, on Sukprayoon Road.

Posted on February 12,2018
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Wongrin said. Pick up the car at the end of the car. The end of the hurricane in Chonburi. At 0730 hrs. February 10, 2018 Police Lieutenant Colonel Somsak Thienglae ​​Deputy Inspector (Police) Panthong Police At the U-turn, opposite the 3F, Sukprayoon Road. Police officer with Chonburi rescue officer Dharmasiri Maneerat Foundation One of the women was injured. There were abrasions on the left leg pain. First Aid Ambulance First Aid Dharmasiri Maneerat Foundation Bring the patient to hospital. Asked by Mr. Chalermpol Somsang, 34, a driver of a car Isuzu Dex. Max. Bond magazine, 5704 Bangkok said that he was driving a truck to send his girlfriend to work to reach the United. Turns out the car was driving off the car, so the brakes and then crashed into the motorcycle crash Honda Sumo X Orange, white registration 2, 4913 Chonburi, which is Miss. 23 years old Siam NTS staff at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate Motorcyclist injured man said. The police officer invited Mr. Shimphol Ponsombat to investigate the cause of this collision and will check the camera and the car. To continue the law.


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