a woman who was pregnant for five months was killed by a BMW in Taiwan on Takeshi-Kyuko Road

Posted on May 16,2018
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A death accident occurred in this morning at the Takeshi-Kyuko Road and the Iron Road junction in Zhushi, resulting in 1 fatal life! The legislator’s assistant and the five-month-old daughter Lee were ready to go back to the office after riding out the bus this afternoon. They did not expect to go through the railway road and Jingguo Road. In fact, Wei Sheng’s car passed by, causing Lee and her daughter to fall to the ground on the spot. The medical staff of the nearby clinic witnessed an emergency rush to grab CPR. However, Li was wounded and died. The fetus in her abdomen died because of tragic death. The police are currently investigating the issue. The police said that Li, a woman (31 years old) who was pregnant for five months, was riding a locomotive on an iron road to work this afternoon. At the crossroads of the Iron Road and Jingguo Road, he was just driving a Wei surname college student (21 years old). The limousine was taken from Lane 398, Jingguo Road, next to the National Taiwan University Hospital. It passed through the country and the iron road.   The Horsewoman saw the car pass, and the emergency car slipped and crashed into Wei Man's car. The car directly swept over Lee's body, causing Lee to suffer no injuries. When the doctors and nurses in the neighboring clinics saw this, they immediately flew out of the hospital and rushed to the intersection to help Lee and her daughter to do CPR rescue. However, Lee and her daughter were seriously injured. The police officer also sent her to the doctor to invalidate the treatment. Li's family members heard bad news and rushed to the hospital to find that Li had become a cold body; her family said that the deceased had been pregnant for more than 5 months, and she was about to give birth in November. She had a life of two dead, leaving her sad husband and being about to turn 3 years old. Son.