accident in İSTANBUL due to speeding and alcohol

Posted on January 10,2018
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The car that came out of control was rolled over, squeezed between the wall and the pedestrian vehicle walking down the street. Fatal accident on camera Moments walking down the street between the car and the wall are cameraman It is learned that the citizen who is trapped between the vehicle and the wall is 19 years old İSTANBUL - Umraniye'da driver's alleged alcoholic extreme speed vehicle out of control, spinning moments reflected in the security camera. In the images, there is a moment when the vehicle that slams the car by another car squeezes a person walking on the street into the wall. In Ümraniye, a vehicle that claimed to be alcoholic today was out of control and crashed into another car first, and then the citizen who was walking on the road squeezed the wall. Three people were injured in the accident, the vehicle was out of control, reflected in the camera. In the images reflected on the security cameras, the vehicle that is rapidly swirling strikes another car. News


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