accident in Turkey @1:00 mark on the Başiskele D-130 highway

Posted on July 23,2018
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Kocaeli'nin Başiskele in the province of the car parked out of control after the two cars hit the roadside pişmaniye shop. 1 person was injured in the accident. Accident, Başiskele D-130 highway Seymen district has come to fruition. Emrehan Çelik's 06 FP 9533 plate car was out of control as the driver lost control of the car, hitting the roadside 54 EU 812 plate car and the HL-491-S Dutch plate cube. After learning that it was fast, the car then went to the pişmaniye shop of Hüseyin Çetin near the road. The citizens who were in the workplace during the accident panicked out of the shop. Police and health teams were dispatched to the scene when the surrounding citizens informed. During the accident, four people at work were not injured. Emrehan Çelik was injured in the accident in the car driver Emrehan Celik 112 emergency team from the scene by the ambulance Golcuk Necati Steel State Hospital was removed. Security cameras at work saved the accident moment in seconds. It was seen that the customers who shopped in the images moved out of control while the customers who were shopping in the stores went inside the glass of the workplace after the cube hit the parking lot and the employees of the workplace and the customers went out in panic due to the accident.


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