accident in Turkey

Posted on March 20,2019
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4 days ago | 644 views moments of accident (ERZİNCAN) ERZİNCAN - In Erzincan, the driver, who lost control of the wheel, was able to stand by hitting the tree on the sidewalk. The driver, stuck in the scrapping vehicle, was hardly removed from the location. The accident occurred today in the morning Fevzipaşa Street Terzibaba Mosque Junction. Ismail Demir (36) 24 AAF 879 plate car driver lost control of the steering wheel as a result of being out of the way, hit the tree on the sidewalk. Trapped by the impact of the impact of the car, the driver Ismail Demir (36) was taken to the scene of the incident, 112 Emergency Health, fire brigade and AFAD teams were rescued from the place after long-time efforts, Erzincan Mengücek Gazi Training and Research Hospital, was being treated. Police launched an investigation into the accident.
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