an aunt lets her 4 year old nephew get killed by a truck

Posted on April 22,2017
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happened on 10-04-17 news about this was posted 22-04-17 Not long ago, Zoucheng City, the town had a painful traffic accident, 4-year-old boy Xiao Xin at home when the door was unfortunately hit by a tricycle crushed, blink of an eye and relatives separated by yin and yang. At that time, was hit the boy Xiao Xin's aunt is looking at the roadside Xiaoxin and another child, monitor the screen to see, lively children running around the road, a few times to the roadside, and the road Car to drive to. Zoucheng traffic police brigade accident section Yang Lei: the child's aunt look at two children, on both sides of the rural road, the child in the north of the road to play, the children ran to the roadside So Xiaoxin did not think that the danger is a step by step approaching. Zoucheng traffic police brigade accident Yang Lei: saw no children on the roadside across the road, this time came a farm tricycle knocked down the child, causing the child died on the spot. Monitoring screen shows that in the small Xin is about to run across the road when a blue tricycle from the wind, will Xiaoxin knocked on the ground and from his body rolling in the past. Zoucheng traffic police brigade accident Yang Lei: the driver scared to have been paralyzed on the ground, always sorry. April 10 at 5 pm, Zoucheng City traffic police brigade accident department received the alarm rushed to the scene, this time, lying under the tricycle Xiaoxin has stopped breathing, after the scene investigation, the police found that the tricycle driver in this The main responsibility for the accident. Zoucheng traffic police brigade accident Yang Lei: In this accident, motor vehicle drivers did not maintain a safe speed, faster, loading cargo overload, driving in the unsafe civilized driving is the main reason for the accident.

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