Anil Kumar gets hit by a bull in Jakhal Mandi

Posted on July 22,2018
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Tohna, July 22, (Naval Singh). The joke can not be proved by anyone, but this fact proved to be true at that time when a young man in Jakhal came to go to the market to go to the market for his work, then the two Awara Sando fighting in front Took him in his grip. During the incident, both the bulls left the said person but in this incident, they survived childhood. The whole incident was imprisoned in CCTV, since the people around are also surprised. The whole incident has been imprisoned in the CCTV cameras located in the shop. It is noteworthy that even before the arrival of a car in the tohana, there were four people dead in a road accident. After which, the administration of the district had opened the pole of Kettle-free, after which this incident of Jakhal is now opening the pole of everybody in the administration. On this, shopkeeper Anil Kumar said that a boy was in his shop, who was going out to pick up the goods, when both motorists reached near the bus, he took him in his grip but the boy was caught in the accident. The whole incident is imprisoned in CCTV.


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