bad student in Zunyi

Posted on April 16,2018
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Brief introduction of this issue: On the morning of April 16th, in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, the junior high school of Zhaiba Town, Xishui County, a video of a teacher hitting a student in a classroom caused concern. According to an online video, a teacher dressed in a black jacket clutched the neck of a student's hand, then took a step outside the classroom and took a few hand-strokes on the student's face. In the video, middle school students made resistance actions such as shoving to the teacher, but they were immediately subdued by the teacher, handcuffed their necks and pressed them on the ground, and draped the student’s shirt over his head and beat his head. The Xishui County Education Bureau responded that the incident was due to the “students taking mobile phones.” The teacher’s assault of students was true. At present, the local public security department, education department, and Weifang Bureau have established a joint investigation team and made Suspension of office. Specific circumstances are still under investigation.


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