big fight in the lift due to smoking in Guangdong

Posted on March 21,2019
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On the night of the incident, Lu took his wife and children to shop in a shopping mall. When he entered the elevator, Lumou smelled a thick smell of smoke. He saw that there was a young man in the elevator. He is smoking a cigarette. Lv Mou said how to smoke inside the elevator. This is a public place. Later, the other party ignored himself and smothered the ash on his own side. He did not know whether it was intentional or something. And for such a provocation, Lv was somewhat angry. He went up and pushed the man. The two men also wrestled together. Then there was the picture that just started inside the elevator. Two people were playing in the elevator. After a while, I came out to the elevator and started to fight. When I stopped, Lu found that both of them were injured, and the other side seemed to be hurt more, and the lips were swollen. The young man then reported the police, and soon the police When I came to the scene, I saw that the two sides were less injured, so I brought back the mediation of the police station. After arriving at the police station, the attitudes of the two people changed. They may have calmed down and thought about this problem. They all realized their mistakes. Lv insisted on paying the young man Chen’s medical expenses and compensated him for some expenses. Chen felt that he was wrong, so he took the lead to apologize to Lu and his wife and refused Mr. Lu’s compensation. After repeated mediation, Lu compensated for medical expenses and other expenses totaling 1,500 yuan. Under the mediation, the two sides shook hands and said. What I want to say about this is that smoking in the elevator is not just a simple morality. We know that the elevator is faster when it rises and falls. If it encounters a cigarette butt, it may cause danger and cause fire. Then, Mr. Lu came out to stop smoking. Although the way to stop it is somewhat inadequate, he can take the initiative to stop smoking in the elevator. This is worth encouraging. Of course, there are many people like this, uncivilized behavior. Naturally there will be less. What do you think of this, welcome to leave a message below!
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